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The Beachwood Radio Hour #48: Carol Marin's Blinders And The Homan Blackout

It's not a media conspiracy, it's a media feature. Plus: Rahm's Neighborhoods Now; Chuy's New Rules; I Warned Siska; Wikipedia Sues NSA; The Marionization Of America; and Exclusive! Sneed Is A Fraud.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

1:34: Echosmith at the Metro on Thursday night.

4:08: Welcome To The Homandrome, Tom Durkin!

* The [Tuesday] Papers.

* Durkin actually confirmed the Homan story, contrary to the what the local press corps thinks.

* Homan is not happening, so it's not a story; Homan happens everywhere, so it's not a story.

* Again, why Homan is distinct.

Previously in Homan:
* The [Monday] Papers: Suddenly, the CPD is a fine upstanding trustworthy institution.

* The Beachwood Radio Hour #46: Explaining Chicago's Black Site.

* The [Wednesday] Papers: Another day, another Guardian story.

* The [Thursday] Papers: John Conroy vs. the Chicago media. Again.

* The Beachwood Radio Hour #47: What Chicagoans Aren't Being Told.

24:00: The Carol Marin Transformation Is Complete.

* Loyalty to colleagues, faith in CPD "fact sheets" trumps independent reporting.

* Siska in Crain's: What Chicago Media Should Be Asking About Homan Square.

* The only people refusing to talk are Chicago police officials. And yet, theirs is the story Carol and her colleagues choose to believe.

* Marin: Local media has already reached its police misconduct article quota.

* Who is the real conspiracy theorist here?

* Siska in Crain's: What Should Drive Police Staffing Debate? How About The Facts.

* How the media assigns credibility.

* It's not a conspiracy, it's a feature.

* Social Control in the Newsroom, by Warren Breed.

* Missing the lesson of Burge.

See also: Carol Marin's Blinders.

40:50: Immortal Technique at the Metro last Sunday night.

41:48: Rahm's Neighborhoods Now.

* The [Friday] Papers.

* Redefining Bronzeville.

* That's Pat!

50:44: The Chuy Rules.

* Media sets a different standard for Garcia than it did for Rahm, Rauner.

53:30: Daniel Romano at Schubas on Thursday night.

54:16: Wikipedia Sues NSA.

* Eric Zorn not alarmed by NSA scandals - "not by a long shot."

56:54: I Warned Siska.

* No Mark Brown column, fyi.

59:19: The Marionization Of America.

* Solitary confinement is torture.

* The media's worldview.

* "Why hasn't anyone filed a lawsuit" is an awfully white privileged thing to say, besides the fact that at least one lawsuit has been filed and the issues have been litigated in court. Poor black people are far less likely to file a lawsuit than an aggrieved white reporter.

1:06:24: Bobby Bare Jr. at FitzGerald's in Berwyn on Thursday night.

1:07:46: Exclusive! Sneed Is A Fraud.

* Is there any accountability in our newsrooms?

* Do her colleagues really believe in her?



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Posted on March 15, 2015

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