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The Beachwood Radio Hour #47: What Chicagoans Aren't Being Told

Homan Square, the NSA, the CIA, Trans-Pacific Partnership. Plus: Pander bears in a runoff and where Brian Williams hid the news.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

* Happiness is a phone photo of the menu.

2:32: Ultimate Painting at Bric-a-Brac last Sunday night.

* The Week In Chicago Rock.

4:51: What Chicagoans Aren't Being Told.

* Homan Square in The Guardian.

* The Beachwood Radio Hour #46: Explaining Chicago's Black Site.

* Obamathon, just for starters.

No one else in America got the story so right.

* The NSA on the Beachwood.

* ProPublica.

* Creative Commons!

* Steal Our Stories.

* Weekend Desk tweets.

14:15: Beachwood Under Water.

* The Electronic Frontier Foundation.

* Newsrooms as extensions of the marketing department.

20:26: Lupe Fiasco at Schubas last Monday night.

21:19: The News Brian Williams Hid.

* New York magazine buries the lede.

24:27: Beachwood Back On Land.

* Journalists: Mostly hypocritical, (undeservedly) arrogant jerks.

26:40: In The MSM's Closets.

* Yes, you do have closet in New York. It's in your dressing room.

29:06: Dee-1 at Schubas on Monday night.

29:59: Still In Denial About The MSM's Iraq War Coverage.

* Bob Woodruff, not Scott Simon.

* Journalists completely lacking in self-awareness, criticism.

* It's a mindset.

* What even is the Reader?

37:15: Pander Bears.

* Rahm on red lights, Chuy on the Obama library.

* Chuy's tenuous grasp on the issues.

* Sleazy vs. clumsy.

* Chuy acting like he's the mayor already!

* Chuy just stepped on the real story of Rahm's incompetency.

47: Meghan Trainor at House of Blues on Wednesday night.

* The mixed messages of "All About That Bass."

* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #42: Bears Get Boring.

Clearing the drama decks. Plus: Who The Hell Is E'Twaun Moore?; The Big Boy Blackhawks; Tony, Oh!; Joe Maddon Is A Madman; The Mesmerizing Minnie Minoso; and The Chicago Fire Do Some Stuff.

(No Trainor, just sayin'.)

51:37: STS9 at House of Blues on Thursday night.

52:36: Homan Square Must-Reads.

* The [Wednesday] Papers.

Another day, another Guardian story.

* The [Thursday] Papers.

John Conroy vs. the Chicago media. Again.


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Posted on March 8, 2015

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