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The Beachwood Radio Hour #43: The Endorsement Charade

Watch the Tribune and Sun-Times pretend the script isn't already written! Plus: Chicago Whines; Fire Brian Williams; Journalism Under Attack From The Inside; The Lyingest Administration In Chicago History; and Me And My Medicaid.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

* A Beachwood Radio Special Edition: Diary Of A Lost Pregnancy.

* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #37: The Big Gloom.

3:55: Alestorm at Mojoe's in Joliet on Saturday night.

* Pirate metal.

6:25: The Endorsement Charade.

* Tribune: For Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

* TribNation with Rahm Emanuel.

* Romenesko: Tribune Spends Huge Sums To Investigate Rahm Emanuel - Then Endorses The Guy.

* The Beachwood Radio Hour #27: Endorsements Are Bullshit.

* The Beachwood Radio Hour #28: The Sun-Times Is A Hot Mess.

* The Beachwood Radio Hour #29: The Sun-Times Is An Even Hotter Mess And Endorsements Are Even Bullshittier.

* Sun-Times: Rahm Emanuel Has Earned Your Vote.

18:56: Low Swans at Subterranean last Wednesday night.

21:05: Grab Bag.

* Dear Chicago: Stop Whining About Your Fucking Side Streets.

* This Is How They Do It In Minneapolis.

* Fire Brian Williams.

* David Carr: Brian Williams, Retreading Memories From A Perch Too Public.

* The integrity of journalism remains under attack - sadly, from within.

* Maureen Dowd: Anchors Aweigh.

* Variety: NBC Execs Had Told Brian Williams To Stop Telling That Story Years Ago.

37:24: Crybaby at Bottom Lounge on Friday night.

39:15: The Lyingest Administration In Chicago History.

* Barbara Byrd-Bennett Lied In The Pages Of The Sun-Times.

* The School Project.

* Mayor Rahm And His Administration Struggle To Tell The Truth.

* Reversing Rahm.

* Which Side Are You On, Eric Zorn?

1:00:50: Jonny Craig at the Bottom Lounge on Saturday night.

* The Chris Robinson Brotherhood at Park West on Friday night.

* Robbie Fulks and Lydia Loveless at the Hideout on Monday night.

1:03:35: Me And My Medicaid.

* This is me trying to tell the Medicaid redeterminer that someone can now qualify for Medicaid based on income alone, without kids or a disability:


When I worked in phone rooms, whoever was available was the "supervisor." You'd yell out "I need a supervisor," and the next person to end their call would walk over. Rarely was it anyone with managerial power or special expertise. - Tim Willette



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Posted on February 9, 2015

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