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The Beachwood Radio Hour #37: The Rahm Referendum

Can politics by subtraction win? Plus: We Didn't Start The Fire: The Most Emblematic Chicago News Story Of The Year. And: Book Plug: The Defender.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

:59: Scott Lucas and the Married Men at the Hideout last Saturday night.

* The Week In Chicago Rock.

* The Weekend In Chicago Rock.

5:22: Born of Osiris at Durty Nellie's in Palatine last Saturday night.

9:07: Los Lobos at City Winery last Friday night.

10:20: Politics By Subtraction.

* Ethan Michaeli.

* We The People Media | Residents' Journal.

* Patricia Van Pelt Watkins.

* Incompetent?

* "Desk jobs."

* Rahm is doing everybody's jobs.

* CHA is sitting on at least $400 million.

* Terry Peterson's kinky cash.

* "Rahm misjudged the public on this," says Bill Daley. "What he didn't seem to grasp was that the only good, middle-class jobs left for blacks in most of the neighborhoods are teaching positions in the schools. The closures cut deeply into whole communities. He could have shown greater empathy."

* Still a hack, hardly a wonk.

* The bullying fundraiser who always takes more credit than he deserves.

* Fair Chicago.

* Preckwinkle: Did Obama pressure her out of the race?

* Rahm Drops Challenge To Willie Wilson's Petitions.

* Fioretti: The Reader's guy?

* Chuy Who?

* The black vote's various segments.

* The 95th Street Station: Where Rahm Shakes Black Hands.

$240 Million Rehab.

Shaking hands.

Not shaking hands.

* Latinos for Rahm.

* The runoff's the thing.

1:05:00: We Didn't Start The Fire: The Most Emblematic Chicago News Story Of 2014.

1:10:00: Book Plug: The Defender.

1:13:54: Davy Knowles at Martyrs last Thursday night.

* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #31: Sweet Action! A Special Report On Sports Gambling.



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Posted on December 28, 2014

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