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The Beachwood Radio Hour #36: Red-Light Rahm's Rear-Enders

City Hall causing crashes to balance budget. Plus: The Illinois GOP's War On Christmas; Bruce Rauner's Secret Act; A Few Of My Not-So-Favorite Things; and China's Christmas Village.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

:48: Podcast, Schmodcast, Might As Well Call It The Rahmcast.

1:17: Michelle Chamuel at Lincoln Hall on Monday night.

2:35: China's Christmas Village!

* Flocking.

6:51: Red Dragon Cartel at Reggies last Saturday night.

7:25: A Few Of My Not-So-Favorite Things.

8:50: The Illinois GOP's War On Christmas.

10:34: The Birthday Massacre at Bottom Lounge last Sunday night.

11:48: Bruce Rauner's Secret Famous Musical Act.

* Dove Hunting With Ted!

* Perry Como Is Dead.

15:30: Mr. Gnome at Beat Kitchen last Saturday night.

16:50: Red-Light Rahm Runs Through The Facts.

* Crime, education.

* The liar narrative (that should have been pinned on Rauner, too, btw).

* Confirmed: The red-light camera program is bullshit.

* The so-called data mayor.

* Rahm and the BGA.

* Rahm & Bruce.

* BGA tweets Rahm.

And so on.

* Because up until now, he hasn't!

* The red-light camera program began in 2003.

* Fact: Rahm Emanuel is personally causing traffic accidents. For money.

* When the FAA pulled this sort of stunt.

* Rebekah Scheinfeld: Too dumb for your job or a liar? A liar.

* Anthony Beale, on the case.

44:46: Danny Brown at Thalia Hall last Friday night.

45:47: Rahm's False Statements.

* Rahm's trouble with the truth.

* Al Gore and the truth.

* In Rahm's case, it's true.

49:00: Slouching Toward 2015.

* Every year worse than the last.


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Posted on December 22, 2014

MUSIC - Holiday Hullabaloo.
POLITICS - IRS Lax On Tax Cheats.
SPORTS - SportsMonday: Bears' Real Goat.

BOOKS - Frederick Douglass: Prophet Of Freedom.

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