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The Beachwood Radio Hour #34: John Kass Can Breathe

That's easy. But thinking is hard. Plus: Rahm's Kinky Campaign Kickoff; The Worst Reporter In Chicago; The Illusory Raise In Chicago's Minimum Wage; Who Polices The Chicago Police? The Chicago Police.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

:54: St. Vincent at the Chicago Theatre on Tuesday night.

* The Week In Chicago Rock.

* The Thanksgiving Week/Weekend In Chicago Rock.

2:14: John Kass Can Breathe.

6:04: Mean Jeans at Livewire on Wednesday, November 26.

7:30: John Kass Explains Race To America.

* The only time the fix isn't in is when a grand jury isn't indicting a white cop for shooting a black kid.

* In Chicago, the moral arc of the universe bends toward injustice.

* Mary Mitchell: In Fatal Incidents, Black Officers Don't Receive The Same Benefit Of The Doubt.

* Isn't Kass playing the race card every time he invokes Al Sharpton?

* Kass columns on John Wrana.

* Article 99.

* Ray Liotta! A young Ray Liotta.

* Darren Wilson's testimony.

* Michael Brown's hands were up.

* Witness No. 10.

* Thinking is hard, screaming is easy.

* Kass: It's about taxes, not an illegal chokehold.

* NY Daily News Study: Broken Windows Policing Is Racist.

* Broken windows policing does not work.

* Rand Paul Blames Eric Garner's Death On Cigarette Taxes.

* All About Al.

* The Outrage Is In Your Face. Also here at 52:10.

* Repeat after me: There is no such thing as black-on-black crime. Race is not a motive. What you are describing is poor-on-poor crime. It's about proximity - and vulnerability. It would be nice if poor black criminals got on the bus and robbed people on Michigan Avenue, but that street is loaded with cops. Plus, the bus.

* Um, there are marches against violence in Chicago almost every week.

* Neil Steinberg explains race.

Because white people are the ones with the problem.

* Chris Rock explains it all.

27:52: Song of the Moment: Fight The Power.

30:31: Kass vs. George W. Bush.

* Condi explains it all.

* We had a president who had to have this explained to him.

See also:

* Don Wycliff: A Police War On Black Men?

* Steve Chapman: Are Blacks To Blame For Cops' Actions?

* Tribune editorial: Why Killings By Police Cause Public Suspicion.

* ProPublica: Deadly Force, In Black And White.

33:34: The Lemons at Livewire on the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week.

34:32: Drewrys. That's good Drewrys.

* New! Gay!

* Crain's: Drewrys Beer Returns.

34:52: Rahm's Kinky Campaign Kickoff.

* William Dawson, not Dawes. William Dawes was one of the dudes who warned that the British were coming. I don't know how I got that in my head.

* William Dawson's black submachine.

* Cinespace movie studio vs. Woodlawn health clinic.

* Media needs a strategy.

* What would account for a change in polls toward Rahm? Reality remains the same.

* Chicago for some, not all.

* Fioretti is Italian and Polish.

51:29: The Gizmos at the Empty Bottle on the Saturday night of Thanksgiving week.

53:21: The Worst Reporter In Chicago.

* Follow along here.

1:13:58: Death To All at the Metro on Tuesday night of Thanksgiving week.

1:14:47: The Illusory Raise In Chicago's Minimum Wage.

* Follow along here.

* Rahm moves Chicago forward into 1966.

* Rahm: "Washington wouldn't do it. Springfield couldn't do it. But here in Chicago, we did it."

That's because Washington and Springfield have two-party systems.

Which reminds me, where was Rahm when he was Obama's chief of staff and the Democrats controlled Congress?

* Rahm's Evolving Position On The Minimum Wage.

* "After 2019, yearly increases would be pegged to the local consumer price index, with a limit of 2.5 percent, if the unemployment rate stays below 8.5 percent." This needs to be examined more closely. Why not do the same for aldermen?

1:22:15: Who Polices The Chicago Police? The Chicago Police.

* The [Friday] Papers.

* The case of Cmdr. Glenn Evans.

* Progress is when cops get less crazy.

1:33:06: Wiz Khalifa at the House of Blues on Monday night of thanksgiving week.



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Posted on December 8, 2014

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