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The Beachwood Radio Hour #33: Save The Spire, Ditch DePaul, Nuke The Luke

Lakefront Legos. Plus: Harold & Slim On Jane; Exercises In Disdain: City Council vs. Board of Ed; Pension Police Powers; Solving The NYT's Middle East Coverage As An Example Of Newspapers' Continuing Failure To Think Digitally First And Let Print Be An Afterthought.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

:55: Huntress at Mojoes in Joliet on Wednesday night.

2:14: The Real Jane Byrne.

* "I know that's the popular version of what went on there, and a lot of people like to believe that."

* Slim Coleman on Jane Byrne.

* Harold Washington on Jane Byrne.

12:05: Circa at the House of Blues on Monday night.

13:00: City Council vs. Board of Ed.

* The pretense of public input.

* #chicouncil.

* "1st Ward Alderman Proco 'Joe' Moreno said that the Progressive Caucus champions of an elected school board have only themselves to blame for the ballot question still being stuck in committee.

"'The aldermanic proponents of it are lazy. They don't organize. They don't get other aldermen on board. They want to have press conferences and have seven or eight people there. That's why it doesn't' get on the ballot, Moreno said.

"'If they worked it with their colleagues like I worked plastic bags for two years, they might be able to get support. Because they're lazy, it doesn't get there.'"


42:04: Heavy Times at the Hideout last Saturday night.

43:45: Judge Rules Against Diminished, Impaired Legislators.

* No emergency police powers to Madigan, Cullerton!

* Lift all boats, don't sink all boats.

* The ostensibly blue state of Illinois has a Steve Forbes income tax structure.

* Red-light camera weirdness.

* Rahm's Rules.

52:27: Carcass at Mojoes in Joliet on Saturday night.

53:15: Save The Spire, Ditch DePaul, Nuke The Luke.

* McPaul.

* DeCormick.

* The Spire & The Luke.

1:06:00: Negative Scanner at the Hideout last Saturday night.

1:07:21: Solving The NYT's Middle East Coverage Problems.

* Hint: Think digitally.

1:25:36: Stevie Wonder on the West Side last Friday night.

STOPPAGE: 27:42.


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Posted on November 23, 2014

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