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The Beachwood Radio Hour #32: Accountability Uber Alles

Look in the mirror, newsies. Plus: Jane Byrne Sucked; Illini, Bears Need Tougher Beers; CPS Office of Accountability Is Super Ironic; Meet The New Swaps, Same As The Old Swaps.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

:57: Interpol at the Riv on Wednesday night.

2:17: Jane Byrne Sucked.

* A failed, one-term mayor.

* A fake, phony reformer.

* RIchard J. Daley's girl.

* Evil cabal.

* Taste of Cabrini.

* The first and only.

10:10: Todd Rundgren at Park West on Thursday night.

12:00: The Weekend Desk Report.

13:43: The Official Beer Of The Fighting Illini.

* I drank in college when I was in high school.

* You get the official beer you deserve.

21:21: Deerhoof at the Bottom Lounge on Tuesday night.

23:05: Accountability Uber Alles.

* I'm not sure the Bears' organizational failure is the worst one in town.

* The moral arbiters of our sports universe.

* Trestman vs. Kirk: One has faced reporters, one hasn't.

* Bears vs. Tribune Company: One is spectacularly rich, the other has been through bankruptcy.

* The Vanecko gang.

* CIA Torture.

* Obama's wars.

35:25: Hammered Satin at the Double Door on Tuesday night.

36:07: The Sun-Times vs. Veterans.

* Homer Simpson stage whisper.

38:11: Office Space Of Accountability.

* Trestman vs. Byrd-Bennett.

* The Beachwood Radio Newtwork vs. WBEZ.

* Accountability avoidance.

47:47: Holy Sons at Beat Kitchen on Wednesday night.

48:53: Rahm Doubles Down At The Swaps Casino.

* The links are all in that link.

* The new swaps are new swaps, not old swaps.

* They are new swaps on top of old swaps. They are double swaps.

* Meet the new swaps, same as the old swaps.

1:00:23: Metalucifer at Reggies last Saturday.

* We live in an Orwellian pseudo-democracy.

* The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #26: Paging Professor Trestman.

* @BeachwoodReport.



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Posted on November 15, 2014

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