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The Beachwood Radio Hour #31: Raunocchio-Elect

Phony Bruce, Quinn's Rose Garden, Late & Never, Journesia, and The Combine Transitions. Plus: They came to watch Nik Wallenda live, not die.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

1:31: Lights at the House of Blues on Wednesday night.

3:27: The Top 10 Reasons Rauner Won.

* Now with extra commentary!

7:17: Lifestyles at the Empty Bottle on Wednesday night.

8:00: Raunocchio-Elect.

* Phony Bruce.

* Magic Phone Calls.

* Unforced rookie error?

* Just a fib?

* Deja phonegate: Bruce Rauner Caught Fibbing About Springfield Meetings.

* Get it in writing: abortion; minimum wage; Payton Prep; education funding.

* But he has "top-notch staffers!"

* Blago's MOUs.

* Chump.

22:51: HEMI at Reggies on Monday night.

23:44: There Is No Right To Be Forgotten.

* Rauner should still face the questions he evaded during the campaign.

26:23: The Political Odds.

* Rauner outworked Quinn.

* "I find that the personal bonding that comes from fun leads to proprietary deal flow."

* Quinn's Rose Garden.

* Walking around money.

* Quinn didn't get out the vote.

* Let's blame progressives instead of, you know, the regular Democrat wing of the party that controls everything.

"If Tuesday Was A Test For Mayoral Contest, Progressives Failed."

Bonus tweet:

"[F]ailed miserably. Absolutely miserably."

* Rahm: "Progressives are fucking retarded."

35:32: Agent Orange at the Double Door on Tuesday night.

35:58: Downballot.

* Sanguinetti: Can she survive the transition?

* Durbin: Now the Assistant Minority Leader!

* Oberweis: Corey who?

* Topinka: Your favorite aunt who is also the old lady at the end of the bar smoking a cigarette, cracking jokes and demanding another whiskey sour.

* Simon: End of a brand.

* Lisa Madigan: Beats opponent's poll!

* Illinois Held Hostage: Day 4 Without A Treasurer-Elect.

* The Physics Party.

* Illinois vs. Ukraine.

43:56: Today's Hits at the Empty Bottle on Wednesday night.

44:30: Early And Often Is Now Late Or Never.

* You might be dead before getting to vote.

* Same-day registration, next-day voting.

* Just one way every vote can matter; because they don't now.

* It's like every election is the first one.

* No one was surging ahead or coming back but the vote counters.

50:58: They Came To Watch Nik Wallenda Live, Not Die.

* The Papers archive.

* Nik Wallenda can do these walks blindfolded - as he showed.

* Zorn and Kass agree!

* Tightroping deaths vs. marathon deaths.

* You wanted Evel Knievel to make those jumps.

56:38: Polyphia at the Beat Kitchen last Saturday night.

57:18: Dave McKinney's Free Berth.

* NBC Chicago, WBEZ, WTTW.

* Are we just gonna forget about this, too?

59:05: The Combine Transitions.

* Bruce Rauner (R/D-Combine).

* The modern Bill Cellini.

* Top-bottom, not side-side.

* Daley, Edgar, Meeks - the trifecta!

* 100 years of Quinn-Madigan-Cullerton was too much, so Rauner just eliminated the inconsequential link. (If you really wanted change, Bruce, you would have moved into Madigan's district and taken him on directly.)

1:01:27: Soulsharer at the Cairo Ale House in West Chicago last Saturday night.



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Posted on November 8, 2014

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