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The Beachwood Radio Hour #28: The Sun-Times Is A Hot Mess

Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail And In The Newsroom.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

:48: The Sun-Times Is A Hot Mess.

* Honoring the legacy.

2:04: The Cairo Gang at the Empty Bottle on Wednesday night.

3:10: The Sun-Times Can't Shoot Straight.

* Beachwood Radio Hour #27: Endorsements Are Bullshit.

How editorial boards invalidate their own newsrooms. Plus: Debates Are Bullshit; Bruce Rauner Hates Homework; The Guns That Didn't Smoke; Red-Light Rahm's Yellow Lights; How To Become A Judge In Chicago; Fight The Power Of The Storyline.

* Sun-Times: Why We Will No Longer Endorse In Elections.

* Did The Sun-Times Just Endorse Bruce Rauner?

* Why yes, they sure did. And then they denied it.

* Tom McNamee, Weasel.

* Jim Kirk, Weasel.

* Rauner gets a two-fer; Sun-Times back in the endorsement business!

* Why We're Back In The Endorsement Business.

* And the trifecta: The actual endorsement.

* Ignore all our previous editorial stances and vote for the guy who stands for everything we've argued against!

* The Sun-Times quadruples down!

* Unemployment Rate In Illinois Drops For Seventh Consecutive Month.

* The Sun-Times is smarter than everyone else!

* An inadequate flat tax and making life easier for business is the status quo!

* The Sun-Times has first-hand experience with private equity!

* Satire is dead. The Sun-Times keeps killing it.

* The Sun-Times has apparently never seen a smart business plan, which is pretty believable.

* Pat Quinn is not a man of integrity! Stop lying!

* The Combine's stealth candidate.

33:20: Negative Scanner at the Empty Bottle on Wednesday night.

33:42: Ferro vs. Sun-Times.

* Feder | Act Surprised: Sun-Times To Endorse Rauner.

* They'll be back for Rahm!

* Marek | Did Rauner Camp Interfere With Sun-Times Reporter?

* Is the Sun-Times with McKinney or against him?

* Bruce Rauner actually got a raw deal.

* The Sun-Times failed to properly disclose McKinney's "arrangements."

* The Sun-Times mismanaged the situation from the start.

* Kirk | Election Coverage Fearless And Fair.

* Hardly.

* Paul Vallas has seen this before!

* Michael Cooke is now the editor of the Toronto Star.

56:58: Gregory Porter at Thalia Hall on Tuesday night.

58:22: Publishers Endorse.

* Editorial boards sit on their hands.

1:00:00: What Really Happened?

* Mr. Hinz says he doesn't know but it sure sounds like he does.

* An (Almost Complete) News Blackout.

* Arrangements question partially answered.

* Fixed.

* The Cliffhanger: Rich Miller says he lost his Sun-Times column after writing critically about Rauner. I eagerly await his coming post about that - and more, he says, about the endorsement.

STOPPAGE TIME: 11:37:874.


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Posted on October 20, 2014

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