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The Beachwood Radio Hour #22: Bruce Rauner Loves To Shoot Doves Dead

Plus: High School Culture Still Sucks, I Don't Care About The Weather, and The Tribune Company Reporter Who Let The CIA Edit His Stories.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

:53: Operators at Schubas on Saturday night.

2:20: The Lemons at the Empty Bottle last Wednesday night.

4:05: I Don't Care About The Weather.

6:18: Cecile McLorin Salvant at Millennium Park for Jazz Fest on Sunday night.

7:10: Tribune Company Reporter Let CIA Edit His Stories.

* Jack Fuller: News Values: Ideas for an Information Age.

* I hated that book.

* Juvenile Court: Michael Brown Had No Most-Serious Felony Convictions Or Pending Cases.

20:40: Reigning Sound at the Empty Bottle on Monday night.

21:58: Bruce Rauner Is Immensely Wealthy. So What?

* Bruce Rauner's 'Wine Club' Is More Like A Wine Dude Ranch.

* Was wearing $18 watch when he wrote that $100,000 check.

* Bruce Rauner Loves To Shoot Doves Dead.

* But let's not privilege doves.

* How many journalists are "out of touch" with "regular" people? Almost all of them.

35:05: The Floozies at the Concord for a North Coast Music Festival aftershow on Sunday night.

* Wild Belle.

* Dr. Dog.

37:18: Lay Off The Activities, Nicole Bankowski!

* See item No. 3.

* I worked in college, too. And in graduate school. Many did not.

* Plus, M*A*S*H reruns kept me up a lot.

* Democracy, unlike other forms of government, demands an informed citizenry. That's why education in a democracy is supposed to be about something bigger than job preparation; it's about citizenship, humanity and intellectual capabilities including most importantly critical thinking.

* High school culture is still insane.

* "I don't see part-time job on that resume."

* The problem with working at McDonald's.

* They need more than minimum wage; they need better jobs.

* Are you picking up what I'm putting down?

* Tim's not an old man. He's in his 40s - and way younger (in the best way) than that in his soul.

* Even college has been gentrified.

* See the item Job Fair.

1:07:28: Sweet Talk at the Empty Bottle on Monday night.

1:08:11: The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #16: Double Nickel On The Bears' Dime.

* The Beachwood Radio Network.

1:09:00 Beachwood Photo Booth: Dumpster Still Life.

1:09:15: Local Book Notes: Portraits Of Chicago, The Walmart Republic & Unknown Americans.


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Posted on September 6, 2014

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