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The Beachwood Radio Hour #16: Peotone Saves Lives

Plus: Festival City. Privatizing Montrose Beach. The State of Illinois Building Sucks. So Does The Pritzker Pavilion. Red Light Rahmpage Redux. CPS Passes Fictional Budget. Our Putrid Police Chiefs. Mayor Jet Noise.


Wanna be on the show? Let us know.

3:00: Festival City.

* Tweedy Takes The Money And Runs.

* Inscrutable.

* First Bank Awful Pavilion.

* Worst Bank Amphitheatre.

* Lollapalooza.

* Wicker Fest.

* Riot Fest.

* Humboldt Park.

10:00: Ronnie Montrose Beach (see the item Good Cappy, Bad Cappy).

* He's a licensed practitioner!

18:00: Big Jim Thompson's Crappy Building.

* Running Scared.

23:54: Red Light Rahmpage Redux.

* City Hall watchdog launches sweeping probe.

32:00: CPS Passes Fictional Budget.

42:35: The [Thursday] Papers (see the item Daley Skates Again).

53:25: Daley's Putrid Police Chiefs.

* Matt Rodriguez, All-Pro.

* Phil Cline, All-Pro.

57:00: McCarthy's Mess.

1:02:00: The Week In Juvenile Justice.

Including: Chicago Teen In Anti-Violence Program Charged In Death Of 11-Year-Old; Iowa Vs. Mandatory Minimums; Detroit's Judge Dread; Nashville Minds The Gap; South Dakota Boards The Train; India Goes Against The Grain.

1:13:39: Mayor Jet Noise.

* Wanna Save Lives? Build Peotone.

* Name it after Hadiya Pendleton.


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Posted on July 26, 2014

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