Chicago - Sep. 19, 2020
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The Beachwood Radio Hour #14: Chicago's Special Creatures

In this episode: Downtown Sounds. Chiraq Is Neither Chicago Nor Iraq. Peas In A Pod: Madigan & Burke. Scott Waguespack For Mayor. Chicago's [Topic] Deserts. This Week's Worst Employer In Chicago. This Week's Worst Judge In Chicago. Smells Like Chicago's Sports Media.


00: Strawberry Rock Show.

1:20: Kevin Abstract at Reggies on Tuesday night.

* The Week In Chicago Rock.

* Kot: Downtown Series Proves Millennium Park Can Rock.

* From Andrew Bird's breakthrough show for Millennium Park in 2008.

9:58: ZMoney at Reggies on Tuesday night.

10:30: Our Tribute To Tommy Ramone.

12:40: Chicago Crime In Context; We Are Neither The Nation's Murder Capital Nor Chiraq.

22:00: Sunny Day in Glasgow at the Empty Bottle on Tuesday night.

24:40: Secret Madigan Report.

30:05: God's Special Creature.

32:36: West Side Liquor-License Flap A Study In Clout.

* Pete's Fresh Market.

37:37: Peter Griffin's Prostate Exam.

38:30: Scott Waguespack for Mayor.

41:34: Arts Education Deserts - And Our Response To Violence.

44:04: Forget It, Jake, It's Chinatown.

44:26: Let's All Sue CPS.

* We Need A Federal FOIA Monitor.

46:55: Minnesota Polka.

47:48: WaterSaver Is This Week's Worst Employer In Chicago (Item No. 10).

49:28: Judge Charles Kocoras Is This Week's Worst Judge In Chicago (Item No. 5).

52:46: Statue of Jesus.

55:20: Beachwood Photo Booth: Chicago Garage.

* Photo Album: Hyde Park.

Overeducated underpasses.

55:06: The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #8: The Blackhawks Are The Only Chicago Sports Franchise Not Driving A Clown Car.

56:28: Chicago Sports Media Upset Carmelo Anthony Won't Go Steady With Them.





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Posted on July 12, 2014

MUSIC - 🚨 Michael McDonald Alert.
TV - Comic-Con 2020: Fans vs. Critics.
POLITICS - When Bigotry Masquerades As Choice.
SPORTS - Beachwood Sports Radio: The Bears' Bad Day.

BOOKS - Searching For The World's Largest Owl.


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