Chicago - Sep. 13, 2019
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The Beachwood Radio Criminal Justice Hour #1: Pot

How Chicago's New Pot Law Is Bogus, How Roosevelt University's New Study Is Bogus, And How The Media Covers The Bogosity. With Tracy Siska of the Chicago Justice Project. Plus: The Week In Juvey.


* The Week In Juvenile Justice.

* Roosevelt University Study Of Marijuana Misdemeanors In Illinois.

* Tribune: Study: Despite New Law, Pot Arrests Likelier Than Tickets.

* Tribune: Experts: Police Arrest For Marijuana Offenses Out Of Habit.

* Sun-Times: Chicago Cops More Likely To Arrest - Not Ticket - For Pot Possession.

* Capitol Fax: Today's [Pot Arrest] Numbers Are Depressing.

* DNAinfo Chicago: Pot Enforcement 'Uneven, Unjust,' Says Roosevelt University Study.

* Reader: Illinois Pot Policies Are Inconsistent And Unjust, Report Concludes.

(See the Related Stories on the Reader post for Mick Dumke's extensive work on the topic.)


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Posted on May 25, 2014

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