Chicago - Jan. 3, 2022
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Shills, Cruel Jokes and CPS Turnarounds

Privatizing schools, demonizing teachers and using political hackery to build resumes and make money. The kids get the shaft.

1. Part of a cynical story about how Chicago works.


2. Bears Owners Oppose Closing Crane; Who'll Get Dyett's Shiny New Gym?

3. Piccolo, Casals staff: Give Current Leadership A Chance.

4. The Chicago Tribune And CPS's Big Lie.

5. Community Anger Toward CPS At Crane Public Meeting.

6. "As Chicago Public Schools begins what are certain to be contentious contract talks with the Chicago Teachers Union, Mayor Rahm Emanuel emerged as the star of a new online video promoting charter schools and ripping the union," the Chicago News Cooperative reports.

"An exclusive interview with Emanuel highlights the 35-minute video produced by the Michigan-based Education Action Group Foundation and Fox News political analyst Juan Williams. Williams narrates the video, saying the teachers union is 'radically politicized' and is 'repeatedly providing terrible examples for Chicago's school children.'"

7. "Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard said later that same day that he knew nothing about the so-called 'rent-a-protesters,'" the Sun-Times reports. "Brizard pointed instead to 9,000 people who joined a telephone townhall with Brizard organized last week by Stand for Children, a non-profit group that backed a school reform law that weakened teacher tenure protections and made it harder for the Chicago Teachers Union to strike.

"Of those parents who called in, Brizard said, 'That's the kind of people I listen to.'''

8. "A now-viral video of Stand cofounder Jonah Edelman, the Portland son of national civil rights activist Marian Wright Edelman and leader of the group, was recorded at a public forum in Aspen, Colo., describing how he out-politicked a teachers' union to get a piece of education reform legislation adopted by the Illinois Legislature," the Portland Tribune reported last summer.

Those are the kind of people Brizard listens to.


Comments welcome.


Posted on February 6, 2012

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