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Quinn vs. Quade

Compare and contrast.

Quinn: Accidental Governor.
Quade: Accidental Manager.

Quinn: Lame backup to Blago.
Quade: Lame substitute for Ryno.

Quinn: Winner of garbage-time election.
Quade: Winner in garbage-time games.

Quinn: Inexplicably eager to spend next four years taking blame for larger institutional problems which will most likely go unaddressed for decades after he's gone.
Quade: Ditto.

Quinn: Bush-league governor.
Quade: Bush-league player.

Quinn: Bald and chubby.
Quade: Bald and Cubbie.

Quinn: Maligned by Sun-Times.
Quade: Mispronounced by Santo.

Quinn: Wants to raise your taxes.
Quade: His boss wants to raise your taxes.

Quinn: Can't overcome Mike Madigan.
Quade: Can't overcome Jim Hendry.

Quinn: Toiled in minor leagues for decades.
Quade: Toiled in minor leagues for decades.

Quinn: Was a utilities reformer.
Quade: Was a utility infielder.

- Andrew Reilly, Rick Kaempfer, Steve Rhodes


Comments welcome.


Posted on November 19, 2010

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