Chicago - Oct. 29, 2020
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Parochial Potholes

This is really good:

But given the media coverage and complaints around here you'd think Chicago was unique - and Rahm Emanuel uniquely to blame - for the massive pothole problem we're facing.

Reality check: The rest of America also suffered through a heinous winter, and potholes the size of Kanye West's ego are what you get. To wit:

Minneapolis: City Committee Approves $1 million For Pothole Repair.

Syracuse, NY: Faced With Thousands Of Potholes, Officials Ask For Help To Locate Them All.

In fact, New York State is dispensing an additional $40 million in pothole repair this year.

Boston: Potholes Taking A Toll On Vehicles This Year.

Massachusetts is also spending an extra 40 million on pothole repair.

Pittsburgh: Pothole Complaints Top 6,100.

Maine: Potholes Prove Gas Tax Should Change.

Rhode Island: Cities, Drivers Battle Potholes.

Washington, D.C.: Potholes Infest Region.

Milwaukee: City Would Hire Ex-Criminals, Jobless To Fix Potholes.

You get the idea.

So when Second City jokes that "Emanuel knows that potholes create commerce," well, it's just lazy.

(And this is just downright silly.)

Now, does that mean there are no questions to ask of the mayor about pothole repair?

Of course not. It would be interesting to see - and maybe it's been reported, I'm not sure - if certain neighborhoods are getting their potholes repaired faster than others; in fact, if certain neighborhoods have superior street construction to begin with. And so on.

But let's not act like pothole problems are particular to Chicago.


Comments welcome.


Posted on April 30, 2014

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