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Exclusive! Obama Re-Election Slogans

"It's Official: Obama Reelection Campaign Will Highlight His Defense Of The Middle Class," the Blaze notes, relying on a McClatchy-Tribune report.

"[T]he Obama administration, up until this point, has relied mostly on the 'It Could Be Worse' tactic while defending its economic initiatives," the Blaze's Becket Adams writes. "However, for all the obvious reason, strategists in the Obama camp don't think this message will go far with the average American."

On the other hand, the New York Times reports that "Obama to Target Congress in 2012 Re-election Campaign," suggesting the theme to replace Hope & Change is still in flux.

The Beachwood has learned, in fact, that the following themes are still under consideration:

* No, Really, It Could Be Way Worse, Believe Us.

* Defending The Remaining Middle Class.

* Why Does The Black Guy Only Get One Term When The White Guy Got Two?

* Obama: The Devil You Know.

* Why Change Horses In Mid-Depression?

* Faith: Believing In Evidence Not Seen.

* Hope: Down To The Last Drop.

* Change: Harder Than We Thought.

* Still Not McCain.

* Hillary!

* [ _____ ] Is Way Too Extreme For America.

* Bin Laden Is Dead. Any Questions?

* A Kinder, Gentler Tool Of Corporate Interests.

* Remember: We Now Have The Power To Indefinitely Detain You.


Your suggestions welcome.


1. From Larry Horist:

I have one all encompassing slogan:

My First Term Was Bush's Fault.


Posted on January 2, 2012

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