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NSA Briefing: It Just Got Worse (Again)

"A 2011 ruling held that the N.S.A. had violated the Constitution for several years by gathering tens of thousands of domestic communications unrelated to terrorism," the New York Times reports.



All previous statements by our president are now inoperative.


Far from a stated desire for an "orderly" debate about the NSA's practices, it took a lawsuit to force the Obama administration to release the secret FISA ruling after a year of fighting it tooth and nail.






Chomsky: Palin Was Right About Obama's 'Hopey-Changey' Gimmick.

I would have preferred "Chomsky: Beachwood Was Right About Obama's 'Hopey-Changey' Gimmick," but oh well.

"It's no great secret that the U.S. electoral system is mainly a public relations extravaganza to keep away from issues," Chomsky said. "It's sort of a marketing affair. And the people who run it are the advertisers . . . They had their national convention right after the 2008 election and revealed that they understood perfectly what was going on. And they gave Obama the award for best marketing campaign of the year."

"The author dismissed Obama from the beginning - he never expected anything but 'smoke and mirrors' from his administration, he said, and has stridently criticized the president's positions on civil liberties."


I'd rather die on my feet at the hands of a terrorist than live on my knees under the boot of my government.

In other words, I'd rather defend freedom by living free than live without freedom in the name of preserving it.


The corruption of the Obama administration isn't about the abuse of systems and policies, it's about the actual systems and policies.



Site is new; posts are backdated.



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Comments welcome.


Posted on August 22, 2013

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