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Not Saying John McCain's Name Is Least Vile Thing About Trump's Signing Of $717 Billion Military Spending Bill

The mainstream media seems to have decided that the worst part about President Donald Trump signing this 2019 National Defense Authorization Act was his failure to acknowledge that it is named after Sen. John McCain.

"Trump snubs John McCain during bill signing intended to honor him," NBC News complained in a headline that was repeated almost verbatim in Business Insider, the Washington Post, The Daily Beast, The New Republic, Bloomberg and many other major news outlets.

Predictably, Congress's bipartisan support - the bill was supported by 40 Democrats in the Senate and 139 Democrats in the House - for and Trump's subsequent signature of one of the largest military spending bills in American history was not met with the usual consternation and hand-wringing from pundits about how the U.S. can afford such funding.

But, as The Intercept's Alex Emmons has noted, the $82 billion military spending increase alone authorized by the 2019 NDAA could easily pay for Sen. Bernie Sanders' free public college plan, which is estimated to cost $47 billion a year.

In a column last month, Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi posed the simple question corporate media outlets never deign to ask when it comes to spending on the Pentagon, new nuclear weapons, and shiny fighter jets: "Can You Think of Any Other Ways to Spend $716 Billion?"

"The ease with which this massive spending increase passed exposes all the howling we always get from think-tanks and the press whenever any ambitious social program is proposed. It's all bunk - all of it," Taibbi concluded. "Ask experts how much it would cost to make higher education at public colleges and universities free, and you'll get some big numbers. You will also hear strident opposition in Op-Ed pages to how 'unrealistic' the idea is, even though most free-ed proposals would fit easily into an $80 billion-per-year outlay. Nobody ever calls massive increases in military spending 'unrealistic.' Not even when Donald Trump wants them."

trump_ndaa.jpgAt the bill signing Monday at Fort Drum in upstate New York/Carolyn Kaster, AP

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


How did our local outlets do?

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Posted on August 16, 2018

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