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Barack Obama's Secret Island Prison

"This video report summarizes the experiences of four Miami Herald journalists in a four-day visit to Guantanamo in March."


See also:
* Miami Herald Editor Blasts Unprecedented 'Culture Of Censorship' At Guantanamo Bay.

* Media, ACLU To Argue Against Censorship At Guantanamo.

* Harper's: Press Censorship At Guantanamo.


* The Herald's singular Gitmo coverage.

* How To Report From Guantanamo Bay.

* Carol Rosenberg's Twitter Feed.


* NPR: No Sign Of Closing Up Shop At Guantanamo.

* NPR: Obama's Promise To Close Guantanamo Falls Short.

* Slate: Obama Can Shut Guantanamo Whenever He Wants.


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Posted on April 29, 2014

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TV - Newsmax On Fox News's Betrayal.
POLITICS - How Illinois Dems Made Rutherford B. Hayes President.
SPORTS - Georgia's Perdue Lobbied For Sports Teams Tax Breaks.

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PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Old Man With A Gold Chain.

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