Chicago - Aug. 5, 2020
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IPRA vs. Oprah

Oprah: Book club.
IPRA: Old boys' club.

Oprah: Has boyfriend she'll never marry.
IPRA: Has cases it'll never finish.

Oprah: Talk show.
IPRA: All talk for show.

Oprah: Free stuff under your seat.
IPRA: Free passes under the table.

Oprah: Fake spiritualist.
IPRA: Fake investigations.

Oprah: Presidential endorser.
IPRA: Mayoral appointee.

Oprah: Code of silence.
IPRA: Code of silence.

Oprah: Remove the "r" and it's Opah!
IPRA: Remove the "r" and it's IPA.

Oprah: Harpo.
IPRA: Grouchy.

Oprah: Angel Network.
IPRA: Old boys' network.

Oprah: Full of shit.
IPRA: Full of shit.


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Posted on January 12, 2016

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