Chicago - Jun. 3, 2020
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Illinois: The King of Dark Money

1. Thank you, Supreme Court.


2. "Illinois Senate Democratic candidate Alexander Giannoulias, hoping to hold the seat that was once occupied by President Barack Obama for his party, has been the target of more attacks funded by undisclosed donors than any other candidate-more than $4.4 million, according to a preliminary review of disclosures that explicitly state whether a candidate is supported or opposed by an outside group," the Sunlight Foundation reported late in the campaign.


3. "Dark Money Fueled Kirk Victory."

4. "While most of the secret money in this cycle was spent to knock out Democrats, advocacy groups say it's really a non-partisan problem," Dane Placko reports. "White House senior adviser David Axelrod recently said that he might be willing to allow these sort of outside groups to run ads in the next campaign."


"Once a tactic works for one political party, you can bet it will be adopted by the other," said Cindi Canary of the Illinois Campaign for Political Reform.

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Posted on November 10, 2010

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