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I Had a Crush on Obama

You act like I'm no longer alive
Helped buy your house in 2005
Well our land was side by side
We were neighbors, my friend

* Available on YouTube for your embedding needs.

* Obama on the run.

* Beachwood's Obama coverage in Obamathon.

* Also available from Beachwood Video: "I'm the Tribune/I'm the Sun-Times."

* New from Beachwood Audio: "Cubs Fans: Please Stop Believin'."

I Had a Crush Credits: Tony Rezko/Marty Gangler; Music/Tom Latourette; Porch Girl/Jenny Sturrock; Woman in Yellow Hat/Herself; Direction & Editing/Tim Inklebarger; Videographer/Shawn Girvan; Executive Gaffer/Steve Rhodes.


Posted on August 15, 2007

MUSIC - The Week In Chicago Rock.
TV - Trump's Disastrous FCC Chair.
POLITICS - Filing: Walmart CEO Made $22.4 Million Last Year.
SPORTS - Canada Cuts Youth Hockey Injuries In Half.

BOOKS - America, We Need To Talk.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Beachwood Photo Booth: Wyoming, Michigan.

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