Chicago - Jul. 13, 2020
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How Many Police Officers Does Chicago Need?

For weeks now, a debate has raged in the press with Mayor Emanuel saying Chicago's current police staffing levels are fine and the police unions arguing that we need more police if we are to stem the rising tide of crime.

How are we, the public, to make a judgement about who is right?

Did you know that Chicago has the most murders per capita among major US cities and the most police officers per capita?

The Chicago Justice Project just released a new study tracking policing levels in Chicago going back to 1993.

Executive director Tracy Siska appeared on Chicago Tonight to stress the need for data-driven decisions on police staffing. Click through for the video and accompanying report.


See also:
* WBEZ: How Many Cops Are Enough?

* Sun-Times: Chicago Police Officers Retiring At Record Pace.

* Reader: What A Robbery In Edgewater Says About The Police Staffing Debate.

* Progress Illinois: Chicago Aldermen May Not Press For More Police Hires.


Disclosure: Siska is a friend of Beachwood editor/publisher Steve Rhodes. We think his work rocks anyway.


Comments welcome.


Posted on November 12, 2012

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