Chicago - Sep. 19, 2020
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Harvey Mayor: Aldermen Favor Strip Clubs Over Improved Infrastructure

Mayor Christopher J. Clark strongly encourages residents of the City of Harvey to be a voice for a better community. He urges residents to demand their elected officials demonstrate care and concern for the community by passing laws that improve infrastructure and safety, rather than a law that works against public safety and family values.

During the June 24, 2019 City of Harvey council meeting, five of six aldermen voted in favor of a new law, defined in ordinances 3376 and 3377. This law puts in place a measure to close all liquor-selling establishments, including strip clubs, at midnight.

Sixth Ward Alderman Tyrone Rogers, solely, voted against the new law. The new law represents the effort of the mayor and city council to enhance public safety, maximize scarce police resources, and ultimately begin to change the negative image of the City of Harvey. Ordinances 3376 and 3377 [were to] take effect on November 1, 2019.

However, during the October 28, 2019 meeting of the city council, three of the five aldermen who initially voted "Yes" for the new law moved in a different direction and are now demonstrating their support of strip clubs.

At [a] recent council meeting, Second Ward Alderman Marshun Tolbert, Fourth Ward Alderman Tracy Key, Fifth Ward Alderman Dominique Randle-El, and Sixth Ward Alderman Tyrone Rogers attempted to bring a measure that would allow liquor-selling establishments, including strip clubs, to remain open well after midnight.

The attempted measure failed, as the aldermen were late in submitting their amended law as a city council agenda item. In retaliation, Aldermen Tolbert, Key, Randle-El, and Rogers voted to remove agenda items that would provide for infrastructure improvements for the City of Harvey, including new street lights and repair of potholes. The proposed improvements for the city's infrastructure are measures to enhance public safety for residents and driving safety for motorists.

"This kind of behavior and retaliatory response has no place in the City of Harvey," said Mayor Christopher J. Clark. "We are elected to serve the people of this community. We are elected to provide the highest level of public safety and the highest quality of life. This requires our city council to take hard stands and make decisions that are not going to please everyone. We are servant leaders, and as such, we do what is right for the community, first and foremost. We serve the people!"

Mayor Clark urges residents to contact their alderman. Tell their alderman to support and vote in favor to improve the city's infrastructure. Vote in favor to fill potholes and install new street lights. Mayor Clark urges residents to tell their alderman to work with the mayor and administration to build a better City of Harvey.


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Posted on November 8, 2019

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