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Ending Poverty

Happy new year to you and thank you for your support as we celebrate a fresh start this season! As we begin this new year, we're also beginning a special celebration - Heartland Alliance's 125th anniversary.

As we celebrate this fresh start, we at Heartland Alliance have an opportunity for a new beginning, and we're taking it, rededicating ourselves to the core of our mission - ending poverty. Over these 125 years, we've found solutions that work - housing, healthcare, jobs, and justice - the foundation of a stable life. We renew our dedication not only to providing those services, but to the participants receiving them.

We hope you will enjoy this video that describes our work and the amazing people we serve every day.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter as we launch our #WeBelieve campaign. Each month we will be posting about something we believe in and asking you to join the conversation. We need your comments, photos and videos! So join us by following the hash tag #WeBelieve.


Who are Illinois's 33%? Watch this video trailer to the Social IMPACT Research Center's upcoming report to learn more.


See also: Illinois's 33%: One in Three Illinoisans Live in or Near Poverty According to Heartland Alliance.


Comments welcome.


Posted on January 15, 2013

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