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Election 2014 Talking Points From The American Petroleum Institute

* With zero precincts reporting, we already know one thing: Our candidate will win. Americans are voting for energy.

* Candidates from both sides of the aisle took note and recognized America's potential to be an energy superpower.

* Both Democrats and Republicans embraced pro-energy policies, calling for approval of the Keystone pipeline, for safe development of domestic oil and natural gas resources, and for restraining the urge to overregulate hydraulic fracturing.

* Our energy campaign was not about a political party - it wasn't even about candidates. It was designed to encourage voters, all voters, to make energy a voting issue.

* We did this because an electorate that is educated on energy issues will demand of all candidates, for every office, a commitment to honest, common-sense discussions of how we can achieve energy security.

* In making these demands, voters chose energy and chose a better future for our nation.

* America's Energy, America's Choice wasn't just an advertising campaign, it was a conversation. We held up our end: by distributing information through our state networks, through grassroots outreach to millions of voters, and through conversations with groups around the country.

* A recent Washington Post report calculated that environmental groups spent more than $85 million trying to throw the election and derail America's domestic energy revolution. But voters overwhelmingly chose to support jobs, economic growth, and energy security by demanding an all-of-the-above energy policy.

1. Steyer spent millions of dollars to win races. But in many states where he was active, like North Carolina, both candidates supported the KXL pipeline, his key issue. That shows money doesn't win elections; being on the right side of issues wins elections.

2. Voters care about the economy and jobs. The energy sector - particularly oil and natural gas - has been the bright spot creating jobs in our economy.

3. There's a lesson here for candidates up for re-election in 2016: pro-energy policies win.


Comments welcome.


Posted on November 3, 2014

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