Chicago - Mar. 22, 2019
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DIY Gunshot Treatment In Chicago

"In 2017," Vice notes, "[Chicago] had 3,457 shooting victims - 246 of which were children.

"To make matters worse, Chicago's South Side - where many of these shootings take place - doesn't even have a trauma center with the ability to treat adult shooting victims.

"To help combat these shortfalls, a grassroots community organization known as Ujimaa Medics has stepped in.

"Ujimaa Medics trains local kids as young as 12 on how to treat gunshot wounds and how to manage crowds at the scene of a shooting.

"Rodney Lucas traveled to Chicago to meet one of the organization's co-founders and see their training firsthand."


See also:

* The Trace: Meet The 'Neighborhood Medics' Trained To Save Chicago Shooting Victims Before Ambulances.


Comments welcome.


Posted on March 14, 2018

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