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Dem Convention Notebook 1

"As Illinois delegates gather each morning for breakfast to hear from political motivational speakers and to get a grab bag of tchotchkes, they're also given something else: a set of talking points to use in case they get asked questions by reporters," the Tribune reports.

"On Monday, a series of eight bullet points were placed on delegates' chairs, including the phrases 'Republicans trying to bury their unpopular ideas because they're political suicide,' and Democrats will be 'running on our ideas because we know they're the right thing to do.'"

I'd advise the Tribune and others to refuse to pass these talking points along to readers as if they are real thoughts worthy of quoting but it's too late.


That slogan, by the way, dates back to at least October 30, 2011.

Most Transparent Party Ever
This comes from the Illinois Republican Party but still appears to be true: Illinois Democrats Ban The Media At DNC.

Rahm To Return Home Early To Avoid A Coup
"Mayor Rahm Emanuel decided Monday to cut short his trip to the Democratic National Convention, as pressure mounted for him to stay home to try to avert Chicago's first teachers strike in 25 years and stop the bloodshed on city streets," the Sun-Times reports.

But that's not the official reason he's returning home early.

"The [Obama] campaign asked him to host a watch party for campaign staffers in Chicago to listen to POTUS [President of the United States] speech [Thursday night], so he's doing that," press spokesman Sarah Hamilton wrote in an e-mail to the paper.

And that makes it better how?

Neither dead kids or a looming teachers strike shall keep me from my appointed rounds, but a viewing party? I must do my duty!

Dems Service Rich
"Major Democratic donors will experience a very different convention than rank-and-file delegates who will fill the Time Warner Cable arena on Tuesday and Wednesday night and the Bank of America stadium on Thursday," Lynn Sweet reports for the Sun-Times.

"Besides getting credentials to the sessions they also have access to the best hotels and VIP finance lounges - and finance staff who will provide concierge-type services for them."

Just like their policies.

"While VIPs are discouraged from using limo services - downtown will be crowded with lots of security - there will be an Obama Victory Fund 'Finance Fun Bus.'"

With a non-union driver, this being Charlotte.

"The best VIP perks go to those who donated at least $75,800 to the joint Obama campaign/Democratic National Committee fund-raising committee with more perks going to donors who have a track record of giving at least $122,400 from Feb., 2009 to June 1 or who raised $350,000 from Jan. 1, 2011 through June 1."

The festivities will begin with the wealthiest donors burning last week's rhetoric about rich Republicans.

Better Vetter
The Obama team's answer to this question for a long time has been "We're better off than we would have been with a Republican in the White House" but they seemed to have forgotten that under direct questioning.


From The Department of Ewww!


Occupy Charlotte


Comments welcome.


Posted on September 4, 2012

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