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Cook County Naming Rights Are A Bad Idea

"Cash-strapped Cook County government and the more financially sound Forest Preserve District are looking to bring in corporate cash by selling naming rights, sponsorships and concessions," the Tribune reports.

Is this really a good idea? Cook County isn't exactly a brand anyone would want to be associated with. Besides, the best ideas aren't likely to make money. For example:

* The Todd Stroger Memorial Department of Human Resources. I mean, I'm not sure all of that would fit on his locker at the East Bank Club.

* The Forrest Claypool Memorial Preserve District. I mean, who would want that?

* The Toni Preckwinkle Ethics Task Force Chaired By Political Ally And Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios Brought To You By JPMorgan Chase. I mean, it's just a mouthful.

* The Cook County Auditor's Office of Joe Berrios. Wait, that exists.

* The George Dunne Office of Intergovernmental Relations.

* The John Stroger Medical Examiner's Office. It makes more sense than a hospital.

Who would want the right to buy these names? The NATO host committee?

Okay, I get it. Corporations would put their names on county property.

Still a bad idea. Look at what might happen.

* The Apple Commission on Human Rights.

* The Facebook Department of Revenue Projection.

Too easy?

* The Bob Forrest District Preserve. Party at the Moon Tower!

Besides, don't the taxpayers already sponsor Cook County?


Comments welcome.


Posted on May 25, 2012

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