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Chicago Police Don't Need No Stinkin' Badges

On Friday, January 20, Chicago police blog Second City Cop posted a blog entry entitled "Your New G-8 Best Friend" with an image of a roll of black electrical tape. The post stated, "Use as necessary," followed by a series of updates that read, "It's not for securing anything," and "Hint - it covers things."

Following this post, Chicago police officers, most of whom posted anonymously, weighed in on the suggestion. One commenter stated, "We should be able to cover up our names and badges with tape if our department is not going to protect us . . ." The officer expressed concern that the hacktivist collective "Anonymous" would release personal information on those identified.

Members of Anonymous have previously released personal information including addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, and even credit card and social security numbers of police officers identified at protests associated with Occupy Wall Street. Publicly exposing their targets' details, known as doxing, has become a common practice for Anonymous.

Another comment on the blog proposed police wear a "mourning band," commonly used by members of police departments to honor fallen officers. "so what if it happens to fall across your star number," the commenter posted.

Others warned against covering their badges due to an incident following an Occupy protest in Oakland November 2 last year in which an officer was suspended and his supervisor demoted when he was caught on camera with his name taped over. Chicago Police Department uniform directives require all officers to clearly display their name and star/badge at all times while on duty. Section X. H. 8. of the directives states that officers must not, "conceal or alter the star, badge, cap shield / insignia, or nameplate / unit designator while in uniform."


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Posted on January 25, 2012

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