Chicago - Jan. 25, 2021
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Chicago Doctor, One Of The Last Out Of Aleppo, Pleads For U.S. Aid Amid Civilian Syrian Slaughter

"Civilians are trapped in Aleppo, Syria's most populated city, as fighting escalates. Samer Attar, a Chicago doctor who recently volunteered in a hospital there, says conditions are deteriorating."


Attar's Northwestern University faculty profile.


Addressing a United Nations session:


Attar's plea to President Obama: Please Act To Save Civilians In Syria.


Attar's "The Hell Of Syria's Field Hospitals" in The New England Journal of Medicine.


CNN: The Aleppo Doctors Saving Lives Despite 'Targets On Their Heads.'


BBC: An American Doctor's Experience In Aleppo.


Speaking to Doctors Without Borders:


ITV News:


NBC: U.S. Doctor: 300,000 Face Death Or Starvation In Aleppo.


Tribune, 2013: Orthopedic Surgeon Returns From Medical Mission To Syria.


Previously in Syria:
* The [Tuesday] Papers: You have a better chance of winning the Illinois Lottery - and getting paid - than a terrorist has of slipping into the United States posing as a refugee.

* The [Wednesday] Papers: Why I want to hug a woman wearing a hijab today.

* Here's The Story Of One Syrian Family That Resettled In Chicago.

* Where Have 4.8 Million Syrian Refugees Gone?

* Syrian Father And Son Whose Plight Went Viral Find Refuge In Spanish Soccer.

* Syria's Stateless Children.

* U.S. Bombings In Syria Kill 77 Civilians, Including Children.


Comments welcome.


Posted on August 15, 2016

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