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Beachwood Exit Poll: The Top 10 Reasons Rauner Won

10. Last-minute push by the secret Ketchup Lobby.

9. Voters appreciated the boldness of his lies in contrast to Quinn's slippery evasions.

8. Illinois' new One Dollar, One Vote Act paid off.

7. Not afraid to take on the special interests, like hourly wage workers.

6. Voters super impressed with Evelyn Sanguinetti's ability to take the helm of the nation's fifth-most populous state in case of emergency.

5. That last $17 million really paid off.

4. Just a regular guy, not like that schlump Pat Quinn.

3. His experience with bankruptcy court makes him perfect for Illinois.

2. Whatever results he can't drive, he just buys.

1. Free Trash Van rides!


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Posted on November 6, 2014

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