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Barack Obama, Master Hypnotist

Editor's Note: Be on the alert for this as you watch tonight's debate. And also be careful of John McCain's unusual ability to induce sleep.


THE ABILITY TO HYPNOTIZE: Master Hypnotist Says It Is One Of Barack Obama's Most Effective Skills

MSNBC's Chris Matthews said that listening to Barack Obama speak sent a "thrill up his leg" while prosecutors in St. Louis volunteered to join the "Barack Obama Truth Squad." When you ask Obama's supporters why he has their vote, the answer involves the word "change" with little or no specifics.

Dr. William D. Horton is not only a highly trained psychologist but he is considered the leader in NeuroLinguistic Psychology and a master hypnotist. He is also certain that Barack Obama is using multiple hypnotic techniques that are designed to circumvent what's known as the "critical factor" or conscious part of the brain that is responsible for reason, logic, and rational thoughts. Upon doing so, the subconscious mind is wide open and vulnerable to his influence and suggestions.

In your interview with Dr. Horton, he will explain in no uncertain terms why he is convinced that Barack Obama is able to gin up such emotion among his followers. Whether it's a supposed objective media exposing itself as blatantly biased, crying fans, or an alarming amount of sentiment that he is "The Messiah" when his past indicates he is anything but, one should at least question the causes of Obama-mania, says Horton.

"When people think of hypnosis, they generally think of being put in a state of extreme relaxation to the point of almost being asleep," Horton says. "However, that's just one of two types of hypnosis. The other involves disarming the same inhibitors while the subject(s) are completely awake. Based on the multiple techniques I am familiar with and that Obama is using, I have no doubt his followers have fallen victim to hypnosis."


Editor's Note: What about all the candidates' unique ability to induce bingo and drinking games among debate viewers? At any rate, the Mystery Debate Theater team will be on hand once again tonight to send you into a hypnotic state of comedy and despair. I've been posting these on Division Street of late, so look for the new installment there tomorrow morning. And in case you're wondering:

Dr. William D. Horton, D. Psy.D, CADC, CI, MH, Considered by many to be the world's Leading NLP Trainer, is also a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, and Master Hypnotist.

He was one of the few non-law enforcement people to be asked to attend the FBI Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Course at the FBI academy.

Editor's Note: Wasn't Andy Martin the other one?

He is the author of the books, Mind Control, How To Get Other To Do What You Want, Primary Objective- Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Guerrilla Warfare and Co-author of The New Psychology of Sales. His two new books will be out this fall, Subconscious Communication, the Key to Success, and Fat Loss Forever, a 12-Step Approach to Weight Loss.

His courses and workbooks have won acclaim for their easy-to-understand format. His articles are considered a must-read in the field of hypnosis and psychology. His passion for this technology comes from personal experience. He has a Black Belt in Karate and has won tournaments and been published in Martial Arts Journals. Learn from the leader in the field.

Dr. Horton's articles are featured regularly in The Journal of Hypnotism, the country's largest hypnosis publication.

Editor's Note: And one apparently without a website. At least in a conscious state.

He presently travels throughout the world training people in the skills of NeuroLinguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Performance Enhancement, and the Art of Business Communications.He is the founder of the National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Psychology-NLP for the 21st Century and creator of several best selling home study courses in NLP and Hypnosis You will often find him on your favorite radio or television station sharing his extensive knowledge with his audience. His next book, Mind Control in the 21st Century, will be out this fall.

Here is What the Leaders in Our Field Say:

"Of all the NLP programs I have been exposed to, Dr. Will Horton's course teaches the best information, in the most effective way I have ever experienced. It's a true hands-on training, where you can use what you learn in your daily life today, All this, plus taught in a fun, easy-to-understand way,"
- Elsom Eldridge, Jr., EdM

"NLP, as taught by Dr. Will Horton, has expanded my talents as a social worker and helped in other areas of my life as well. It was one of the most impacting courses I have ever taken. Take it if you want to enrich every area of your life!"
- Elana Schondorf, MSW Licensed Social Worker

'This is the single most valuable set of skills I have learned for my work as a counselor. The return on my investment will be many times over in the near future."
- Warren Schneider, MSW; Ohio

"This work is the most cutting edge technology available today, and taught in an easily understood, fun and rapid manner . . . Everyone in the personal growth, human change work field should have this information NOW! It is a steal; he should, and could, charge thousands more!
- Kevin Hogan, author of Psychology of Persuasion

"The techniques presented are applicable to my personal and professional life. The course was educational and inspirational"
- Christine Silverstein

"NLP can be an enormous enhancement to your everyday people skills as well as effective in your practice. I used the basic skills to not only get into Harvard but secure a scholarship. Thanks."
- Marie Looby, Rockland, MA

What Do The Experts Say?

"NLP may be the most powerful vehicle for change in existence."
- Psychology Today

"NLP could be the most powerful synthesis of knowledge about communications to emerge."
- Science Digest


Posted on October 15, 2008

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