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Alexi vs. Everyday People

"The ad opens with black and white images of the candidate's late father Alexis Giannoulias, as the Illinois treasurer compares his family's financial troubles with those of everyday people."

- Northwest Indiana Times


Giannoulias: Failed bank threatens political career.

Everyday people: Failed banks threaten lives.


Giannoulias: Cried over having to sell bank.

Everyday people: Crying over having to sell blood.


Giannoulias: Democrat.

Everyday people: Homeless Democrats.


Giannoulias: Loans to famous felons.

Everyday people: Juice loans from neighborhood felons.


Giannoulias: Running for U.S. Senate.

Everyday people: Running from creditors.


Giannoulias: Wants to be a U.S. senator.

Everyday people: Want to drown a U.S. senator.


Giannoulias: Runs the state treasury.

Everyday people: Wishing kids discover buried treasure in the backyard.

Giannoulias: Official for bankrupt state.

Everyday people: Officially declaring bankruptcy.


Giannoulias: Falls back on family's fortune.

Everyday people: Now spend days watching Wheel of Fortune.


Giannoulias: Plays basketball with the president.

Everyday people: Can't afford a new basketball.


Giannoulias: Works for the government.

Everyday people: Fucked by the government.


Comments welcome.


1. From Noelle Jezek:

I'm pretty sure that Giannoulias is a sociopath. He's all weepy for the demise of his father's legacy, Broadway Bank, but then he makes every effort to distance himself from the poor business practices that led to the Feds taking it over. His investments screwed the Bright Start folks but then proudly touts the fact that they only lost 50% of their investment. He's a danger to the people of Illinois. Too bad the suit company he championed doesn't have more employees to vote for him in November.


Posted on April 28, 2010

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