Chicago - Oct. 22, 2020
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A Very Political Chicago Halloween


* Pat Quinn going as governor.

* Bill Daley was going to go as a candidate for U.S. senate or governor, but decided to stay home instead.

* Joe Berrios going as himself - can't think of anything scarier.

* Sheila Simon going as herself - a ghost.

* Bruce Rauner going as Rahm Emanuel - and vice versa.

* Ventra going as Obamacare.

* Winter Divvy going as Ventra.

* Richard M. Daley staying home because he doesn't remember it's Halloween or what Halloween even is. Plus, teaching at Harvard the next day and wants to be fresh.

* Kirk Dillard going as the Tea Party this year but next year he'll go back to his traditional costume as a Moderate.

* Stephanie Neely going as Lieutenant Governor.

* Toni Preckwinkle going as a mayoral candidate just to fuck with everyone.

* Bob Fioretti going as mayor just to see how it feels.

* Michael Madigan would not comment.

* Steve Brown going as Michael Madigan.

* Lisa Madigan going to dad's house as governor just to scare him, then going home.

* Ed Burke going as his state supreme court justice wife. Robe has to be back by midnight.

* Rod Blagojevich going as Elvis to Cell Block D party, will likely get beat up.

* Barack Obama will stay in and get reports from the NSA about what everybody is wearing.

* Mark Kirk planning his 2016 costume as Kirk Dillard.

* Dick Durbin spending the night at home on Facebook.

* Barbara Byrd-Bennett will stay home and steal candy from every kid who comes to her door.

* Forrest Claypool will trick-or-treat as Forrest Claypool.

* Bloomingdale Trail will go as The 606.

* Jon Burge, Bernie Madoff and Jesse Jackson Jr. will be attending the same party.

* ADM, Boeing, Sears, DePaul to go as vampires.

* Garry McCarthy was going to go as the police chief, but Rahm wouldn't let him.

* Ben Joravsky to go as a TIF district. He's the only one who truly knows what they really look like.

* Tribune editorial board to go as your parents.


Comments welcome.


Posted on October 30, 2013

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