Chicago - Nov. 20, 2021
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A Chicago Political Halloween Party

We have the guest list.

* Rahm Emanuel to go as a Democrat.

* Pat Quinn to reprise old role as a reformer.

* Jesse Jackson Jr. to go as someone who isn't about to get indicted.

* Sandy Jackson to go as a resident of Chicago, with some help on her costume from people who actually live here.

* Jean-Claude Brizard to go as someone who just left his job by "mutual agreement."

* CPS students going as data points and political props.

* Michael Madigan going as a selfless public servant. Oops, Ed Burke has the same costume!

* Ald. Joe Moreno to go as a progressive. In other words, he'll just have his everyday costume on.

* Joe Moore to go as Pat Quinn.

* Todd Stroger to go as Todd Stroger because he's just that lazy.

* Richard M. Daley to go as Sgt. Schultz because he's really good at knowing nothing.

* Garry McCarthy to go as the police chief, which is to say he'll go as Rahm Emanuel.

* Rod Blagojevich to go as a former governor wrongly imprisoned.

* George Ryan to go as a former governor wrongly imprisoned.

* Jim Thompson to wear prison stripes just for a laugh.

* Joe Berrios to go as Peter Griffin 'cause he's a family guy.

* Patrick Fitzgerald to go as U.S. attorney just one more time to indict the lot of them.


Comments welcome.


Posted on October 31, 2012

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