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The Wonders of Weather

Weather. It effects our lives every day, often determining where we can go and what we can do.

From the transformation of water vapor into clouds to the swirling winds of a tornado, meteorological events are the result of intricate interactions between forces and factors. to grasp the mystery of these phenomena is to understand a remarkably complex system and - ultimately - to glimpse how all complex systems work.

Meteorology: An Introduction to the Wonders of Weather is a fascinating foray into an enthralling field of study. In 24 engaging lectures, explore the often surprising, always intriguing workings of the weather.

1. Nature Abhors Extremes

2. Temperature, Pressure, and Density

3. Atmosphere - Composition and Origin

4. Radiation and the Greenhouse Effect

5. Sphericity, Conduction and Convection

6. Sea Breezes and Santa Anas

7. An Introduction to Atmospheric Moisture

8. Bringing Air to Saturation

9. Clouds, Stability, and Buoyancy, Part 1

10. Clouds, Stability, and Buoyancy, Part 2

11. Whence and Whither the Wind, Part 1

12. Whence and Whither the Wind, Part 2

13. The Global Atmospheric Circulation

14. Fronts and Extratropical Cyclones

15. Middle Trophosphere - Troughs and Ridges

16. Wind Shear - Horizontal and Vertical

17. Mountain Influences on the Atmosphere

18. Thunderstorms, Squall Lines, and Radar

19. Supercells, Tornadoes, and Dry Lines

20. Ocean Influences on Weather and Climate

21. Tropical Cyclones

22. Light and Lightning

23. Prediction and Predictability

24. The Imperfect Forecast


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Posted on April 13, 2010

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