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The Week in WTF

1. Rod Blagojevich, WTF?

Four things you already knew, but it's always good to have a semester review.

A) How could you trust Pat Quinn's view of Blago now any more than you could then?

B) Duh.

C) He's incredibly sorry that he get caught doing what he thinks all politicians do. And they may. But he got caught. He's not sorry that he did it.

Too bad, because forgiveness requires real penitence, not merely spit-swapping legalese. You actually have to accept that you did wrong. And like George Ryan, Blago clearly does not. And, really, doesn't it make you wish he'd gotten 30 years just for his aggravating in-the-legal-sense arrogance?

D) To the very end, Blago used his children as props. Maybe they can actually grow up as normal people with normal human instincts with him gone.

2. Michael Mermel, WTF?

When The New York Times Magazine writes 6,500 words calling you out for running Dreyfus courts, there's no barrel to hide under.

As the Chicago Tribune found out under Randy Michaels' ribald leadership, you can thumb your nose at Chicagoland, but, buster, that won't work on the New York Times. And now the Lake County prosecutor's office has had that reaffirmed.

3. Michigan and Wisconsin, WTF?

Marketing scuffles over which state most resembles a mitten says a lot about these two states in the existential sense, but it's thinly veiled compensation for both being aced out in the State That's Shaped Most Like a Penis contest.

4. Faith Ekakitie, WTF?

This kid was an atypical college football aspirant because Lake Forest Academy is not on the main highway, but he was good enough to be offered scholarships to 30 big-time schools. He finally took Iowa over Boston College, though he pined for Northwestern.

No dice. Northwestern said he was not good enough even to be admitted. Does not compute. On the other hand, Northwestern thinks 7-5 is a good season.

5. Rick Santorum, WTF?

We like to check in every now and then on Rick Santorum, our local Carmel High grad who serves as designated driver of the Barnum & Bailey Clown Car known as the GOP presidential field. His motto: "Elect me because I only have sex with one wife at a time." As a candidate, he's irrelevant, but then, who isn't in this crowd?

So sit just back and enjoy this view of science.


Comments welcome.


Posted on December 9, 2011

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