Chicago - Jul. 12, 2022
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The Week in WTF

1. Property Taxes, WTF?

Sort of about time, don't you think?

The same principle might also be true for private universities that function the same way - Northwestern University, for example. Or maybe the Catholic Church?

2. Devin Hester, WTF?

Sometimes, even a pro athlete gets it right. Better to keep your mouth shut about old sins. None of the words will make you look better. Unfortunately for Hester, while trying to tap dance around his scummy history, he told several large deviations from obvious fact. We normally call those lies. Can't say you didn't even know the convicted king of swag at The U when Yahoo! has photos of you partying with him.

Also, though whatever Hester did at Miami seems irrelevant now, he still comes off as a grasping, cheating, self-indulgent jerk who never had to answer for his decisions. Pro athletes are just hookers with uniforms.

3. Joe Walsh, WTF?

Every time Rep. Joe Walsh opens his mouth to say something, darned if his foot isn't waiting there to leap inside and make him sound all fakey and weird.

BTW, Newt Gingrich says the president should be impeached for failing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act. There is a reason the Newtster will never be president.

4. Made in USA, WTF?

Almost nothing is more revealing than your dead-sure belief in something that turns out to be hogwash. We are told the nation is a hopeless mess that's headed for oblivion. WTF's answer? You have to stop watching cable news.

5. Race to Oblivion, WTF?

Even if we bestow the "good intentions" deferment on this feel-good waste of time, is this more than a comfy resume builder? Here, let WTF help. Why is health care for minorities inferior? (Because they're poor); Why is public education for minorities inferior? (Because they are poor people who live in poor neighborhoods with bad schools); Why do minorities have a hard time finding good jobs? (bad schools). The flaw in this commission is that we already know both the questions and answers. The answers are education and jobs. We haven't got to the solution phase yet.


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Posted on August 18, 2011

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