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The Five Dumbest Ideas of The Week

1. It may be hard to take Al Franken's Senate campaign seriously, but it's even harder to imagine what might have possessed incumbent Norm Coleman to release an attack ad that seems to attack the blue-collar voters who are not Franken's natural constituency. Or maybe Franken just pulled off a masterful satire.

2. Ottawa resident Frances Woodward is appealing a decision by her local transit authority that prevents her from bringing Gyno, her pet albino ferret, along on bus rides. Woodward, an agoraphobic, claims that petting the animal calms her down. We think she'd fit right in on the No. 22 bus.

3. Want to send Aunt Agatha into cardiac arrest? Then follow the hot new trend of topping your wedding cake with updated versions of the classic bride-and-groom statuette - shown attempting to consummate the marriage or wearing NASCAR uniforms. Next: both at the same time.

4. This week beauty salon owner John Ho got almost as much press as Barack Obama when Ho unveiled the ultimate in "green" pedicures - one that makes your feet part of the food chain. You dip your tootsies in a tank filled with a swarm of tiny fishes that nibble away the dead skin. Next: how to prevent athlete's fish.

5. Turns out that inflation isn't the only remnant of the 70s to darken the horizon. Jumpsuits are staging a comeback, too. I guess it's Sex Machine chic.


Stephanie B. Goldberg brings you the Five Dumbest Ideas of the Week every Friday.


Posted on July 25, 2008

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