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The Five Dumbest Ideas of The Week

1. We wonder if back in 1978 when Bruce Springsteen was penning "Badlands" he realized that, in 30 years hence, his tribute to the desperation of the working class would be used by a right-wing morning show to signal a commercial break. Paging Heart and Van Halen!

2. So I've got this great idea for a porno film - it's called Department of the Interior. It features a party-hearty group of aging frat boys and skanks who drink and snort everything in sight, pocket freebies from oil company personnel - when not sexually servicing them - and supplement their income by selling sex toys. Oh wait, it's already been done.

3. How many times have you sat around waiting for your Brazilian bikini wax and thought, "Gee, a bottle of Flemish red would really take the edge off right now"? Nope, me neither. But then I don't live in Seattle, home to the Wax Bar.

4. It was said of Eleanor Roosevelt that "she'd rather light one candle than curse the darkness." This just might make her reconsider.

5. I've had it with pols who think putting lipstick on a pig is some kind of insult. When done tastefully, the look can be absolutely stunning.


Posted on September 12, 2008

MUSIC - Chicago Music Poster History.
TV - Hollywood Still Can't Get Abortion Right.
POLITICS - The Dark Side Of Kirin Beer.
SPORTS - Theo Protege's Penis Pride.

BOOKS - Being Sure About George Ryan.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Recall! Sriracha Chicken Ravioli.

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