Chicago - Mar. 31, 2020
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The Beachwood Radio Interview Hour #1: Liz Mason Is Awesome Dot Com

Welcome to this Chicago zine queen's ass-kicking life of ever-evolving freakdom.



(I don't know where that clicking is coming from, people. I'm working on it. It goes away.)

* Quimby's.

* RIP The Quaker Goes Deaf.


* Cul-de-sac #7: The Adult Geek Issue.

* Ever-Evolving Bastion Of Freakdom.

* NBC's Starting Over.

* Wicker Park: Love, Loss & Booze.

* Rory Lake's Karaoke Dreams.

* Shameless Karaoke.

- 30:00 -

* @CabooseZine.

* The Blue Ribbon Glee Club.

* Dance Dance Party Party.

* Maximum Rocknroll.

* Don't mess around with the guy in shades, oh no!


Never surrender!


* KWVA 88.1 FM.

* Fred Armisen's "Wicker Park Girl" at Lounge Ax.

* The Owen Society for Hermetic and Spiritual Enlightenment.

* Borrelli, Tribune: Quimby's At 25: Still A Wicker Park Treasure.

* Quimby's NYC.

* Quimby's NYC on Instagram.

* Quimby's Chicago on Instagram.

* The Found *NSYNC Fan Fiction Radio Hour #17: Kelly vs. Kelly.


Liz Mason at Beachwood HQ.



For The Beachwood Radio Hour (on hiatus), The Beachwood Radio International Hour (abbreviated run) and The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour (weekly!), see The Beachwood Radio Network.


Comments welcome.


Posted on January 25, 2018

MUSIC - Chicago Drill vs. Brooklyn Drill vs. UK Drill.
TV - The John Oliver Coronavirus Chronicles.
POLITICS - Boeing vs. Public Broadcasting.
SPORTS - Sim Game: Blackhawks vs. Oilers.

BOOKS - A First: Comics Industry Shut Down.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Testing Chicago Electric's Drill Bit Sharpener.

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