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The Beachwood Radio Hour #8: Mortgage Street

The Chicago Reporter's Angela Caputo explains the foreclosure crisis through the prism of a single property on a block known as Mortgage Street. Plus: The Neighborhood Issue That Could Bring Down Rahm, Redflex Redux & Downstate's Dark History. In the weekly podcast of the world's wittiest Chicago-centric news and culture review.


00: Strawberry Rock Show.

* Programming Notes: This we're breaking our segments up into three podcasts, so look also for our companion Criminal Justice Radio Hour discussion about pot with Jake Siska of the Chicago Justice Project and our companion Beachwood Radio Sports Hour discussion with our very own Jim Coffman about the Blackhawks' Coach Queasy and the Qubs.

Also, my voice was so good yesterday. Today I have a cold.

Also, a major solution to improving the quality of this podcast's sound backfired disastrously, so live with it.

5:13: Oozing Wound at the Empty Bottle on Tuesday night.

6:10: The Neighborhood Issue That Could Bring Rahm Down.

* How many times can I say the world alienate?

* That's the Blue Line in the background, not an airplane.

11:13: Sixteen Tons Of Dark Downstate History.

17:12: Blue Line Blues.

* The world is a witch with a gift for hurt so you gotta stay alert.

20:00: Rahm's Redflex Red Lights Redux.

* Yellow Lights Shorter In Chicago.

* Rahm Caught Lying About Speed Cameras.

22:46: The Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration at the Chicago Theatre on Tuesday night.

23:51: Spotlight: Mortgage Street with Angela Caputo.

* For the better part of a day we had lost the first 10 minutes of Angela; the miracle solution means my voice is somewhat faint . . . in fact, I think it's just the bleed into her mic, but live with it. The interview is worth it, I promise.

* The Chicago Reporter: Reclaiming The Avenue.

* Watch The Vacancy Epidemic Spread.

* 6210 South Fairfield Avenue.

* Chicago Lawn resident Andrew Durden on what it's like to live next to 6210 South Fairfield Avenue - and on the fire there.

* This should have been an episode of Chicagoland.

* This story is basically a tale of the rich plundering the poor - coming and going.

* Cook County Files Lawsuit Against HSBC, Bank of America, Countrywide and Merrill Lynch for Predatory and Discriminatory Mortgage Lending Practices.


* State Attorneys General, Feds Reach $25 Billion Settlement with Five Largest Mortgage Servicers on Foreclosure Wrongs.

* ProPublica's FAQ on The National Foreclosure Settlement and Independent Foreclosure Review.

* Rehab Aid Focused In Gentrifying Areas, Distressed Areas Languish.

* How many times can I say extraordinary?

* Gold Coast predator, y'all.



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Posted on May 24, 2014

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BOOKS - All About Poop.


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