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The Beachwood Radio Hour #6: Rahm On The Ropes!

Plus: Spotlight interview with Robeson's High School's after-school activities director Tanis Seats.

Also: Cowboy Nate's Rainbo Boilermaker.

And: Jim "Coach" Coffman on the Bears' draft, the Blackhawks' change of fortune [before Game 5], and the continued comical stylings of the Cubs.



00: Strawberry Rock Show

2:48: Rahm on the Ropes!

* Rahm's Receipts

* Chicagoland Stage-Managed

* Rahm's Chicagoland Response Requires Suspension Of Disbelief

* Nobody Likes Rahm's Proposal For Obama High

* Obama High Developed Under 'Communications Gap'

* Stanton Parks Advisory Council

* Whites Getting More Spots At Top Chicago Public High Schools

* Rahm's Arrogance Exceeds His Accomplishments

* Naftali Bendavid, Howard Dean & The [Rahmbo] Papers

* Reading Rahm: Master Media Manipulator

* Rahm's Rules Part 1: Paperclips And Petitions

* Rahm's Rules Part 2: Ballot Bollocks

* The Problem With @MayorEmanuel

* Running Red Lights

* FORGOT TO MENTION: Under Rahm, Principals Have No Voice

Which has spawned a movement.

* Sun-Times Poll

20:10: "If I Had A Tail," Queens of the Stone Age at the Aragon last Monday night.

21:37: SPOTLIGHT: Tanis Seats, after-school activities coordinator, Robeson High School.

The secret lair.



* Kennedy-King College: Biological Sciences, HVAC Lab, Washburne Culinary Institute

39:46: Matchess at the Burlington last Tuesday night.

The Problems & Politics Of Pat Quinn's Neighborhood Recovery Initiative

42:51: Nate Cowboy

* The Picket Fence

* Letherbee Distillers

* Battle Brews Over Malort Name

51:40: "Airwaves," Ray LaMontagne, at the Park West last Thursday night.

53:54: Sports Roundup with Jim "Coach" Coffman. The Blackhawks get more than they bargained for in the Wild; the Bears make a luxury draft pick; and the Cubs continue their comically crappy ways.

* NFL Draft Ratings Dwarfed Everybody Else

* Johnny Manziel Playing The World's Smallest Violins

* Ego Ferguson

Stoppage Time: 18:42:10

See also:
* Beachwood International with The Angry Aussie No. 13: The Hippest Trip Around The Globe.

This week the boys tie up loose ends with Donald Sterling, Gerry Adams, Rob Ford and John Coates, then check in on the New York City trial of accused terrorist and international man of mystery Abu Hamza as well as Michael Lewis's expose of our rigged stock market (and the amazing lack of American media coverage thereof). Finally, our Australia Is The Florida Of The World segment is back with parachuting planes and virgin auctions.

* The Beachwood Radio Network.


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Posted on May 12, 2014

MUSIC - Britney's IUD.
TV - Vizio's Best Product Is You.
POLITICS - Climate Deniers' 4 Top Scare Tactics.
SPORTS - The McEnroes In Antarctica.

BOOKS - Foxconned.


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