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The Beachwood Radio Hour #4: The Other Side Of Summer

This week segments include:

* Exposing Chicagoland: Access To Bullshit.

* Rahm's Receipts: How Englewood Pays For His Hotel Mini-Bar.

* Exclusive! Inside Obama High: Where Detention Is Off-Site And Indefinite.

* Bill Daley Never Cared About You: And Now He's Coming For Your Job.

* Transit R Not Us: At Least Not Until 2015 - If Ever.

* Weirdest Chicago Sports Week Ever? Cubs Can't Even Get Cake Right.


* Coffeehouse Correspondent Jeff Linnane.

* Transit Correspondent Natasha Julius.

* Sports Chief Jim "Coach" Coffman.


* Neil Young.

* Bobby Bare Jr.

* Gemini Club.

* Billy Bragg.

* Elvis Costello.


:00: Strawberry Rock Show.

1:50: Beachwood International with The Angry Aussie.

3:22: Neil Young at the Chicago Theatre on Tuesday night.

4:38: Me vs. Patterson Hood.

6:17: Bobby Bare Jr. at Schubas on Thursday night.

7:21: Violating FOIA is violating the law.

9:38: State Dept Launches 'Free the Press' Campaign While DOJ Asks Supreme Court to Force Reporter James Risen Into Jail.

10:34: Rahm's Receipts, The [Friday] Papers, & Rahm's Values, Rahm's Air Conditioners, The [Tuesday] Papers.

15:00: Exclusive! Inside The New Obama High School. If you like your school nurse, you can keep your school nurse.

19:38: Gemini Club at House of Blues on Tuesday night.

20:23: Exposing Chicagoland. Worse than we thought. Way worse.

29:00: "It Says Here," Billy Bragg, BBC Breakfast Time.

30:18 Interview: Jeff Linnane, founder, owner, proprietor, impresario, king, czar, tyrannical leader of Filter.

44:24: "The Other Side of Summer," Elvis Costello.

45:26: Bill Daley Never Cared About You, The [Thursday] Papers (Item: That's Bill!).

* Alexi's Authenticity.

47:39: Transit R Not Us with Natasha Julius. Those blue-ribbon recommendations? More than a year away from even being considered.

* Previously: Look At A Fucking Map.

1:00:25: Dingo And The Baby.

1:01:42: Chicago's Weird Week In Sports, Jim "Coach" Coffman.

* Correction: Duncan Keith did the taunting, not Brent Seabrook.

1:28:47: Said to the bartender.



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Posted on April 29, 2014

MUSIC - How Africa Adopted Jimmie Rodgers.
TV - Sinclair, ABC Light AOC On Fire.
POLITICS - SCOTUS's Border Wall Fiasco.
SPORTS - Black Athletes' Underused Trump Card.

BOOKS - The Hidden Places Of World War 2.

PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS - Wisconsin Is America's Goatland.

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