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The Beachwood Radio Hour #2: Crime Is Down

Is the Chicago Police Department really juking murder stats? We have the surprising answer. Plus: Chicagoetry with J.J. Tindall, The Cub Factor with Marty Gangler, Remembering Big Glo, Jim "Coach" Coffman on sports and the week in politics and music. (Now with Show Notes!)

Show Notes

0:00: Opening theme.

1:20: "What I Do," Big Glo aka Blood Money.

2:25: "Big Glo Dead: Slain Rapper Was Chief Keef's Cousin."

3:08: TV Reporter, Spirit of '73: Rock for Choice.

3:20: Charters Are Not Smarter, The [Monday] Papers.

5:23: Data Mayor Image Doesn't Add Up.

5:34: CB, Spirit of '73: Rock for Choice.

5:35: Paul Vallas Is Already Bored, The [Tuesday] Papers.

6:03: "Fractured Fairy Tales," Television's Greatest Hits Vol. 3.

6:09: "More Deportations Follow Minor Crimes."

6:55: "Noble Charter School Network Has Tough Discipline Policy."

7:00: "Pigeon," J.J. Tindall.

7:26: Nicki Minaj fronting to be hard.

9:25: "Robeson Recommends;" "Lil Chicago;" "Dead or In Prison," Lil Bibby.

13:04: "Lil Marc Dead."

13:18: Spotlight: The Truth About Chicago Magazine's "The Truth About Chicago's Crime Rates."

With Tracy Jake Siska of the Chicago Justice Project.

* Pam Zekman, 2011: Are Murder Stats Being Watered Down?

* Pam Zekman, 2006: Hiding Homicides.

* Pam Zekman, 1982: Killing Crime.

If CPD is fudging the stats, it's not something unique to Garry McCarthy and Rahm Emanuel, which disrupts the narrative.

* CPD response.

* Hardly. Our sycophantic media is even sycophantic about itself.


* David Bernstein on Chicago Tonight.

* Second City Cop.

* Steve Rhodes: "Jesse Jackson Jr.'s Dark Days."

* Rob Wildeboer, WBEZ: "Chicago Inspector General: You Can Trust Police Crime Stats."

* Chicago IG Crime Stats Audit.

* Robert Angone: "Crime Is Up And Down."

* Chicago Tribune: "Killing Our Children."

* Natalie Moore: "Chiraq War In Chicago Prevents Solutions."

* Eric Zorn: "Chicago Is Not The U.S. Murder Capital."

* Mick Dumke, "Anatomy Of a Heroin Ring."

* Sun-Times: "Why They Won't Stop Shooting In Chicago."

1:06:41: Phantogram at the Riv on Thursday night.

1:08:37: Free Association with Cub Factor founder Marty Gangler.

1:10:24: Jim "Coach" Coffman.

* Replays vs. Rhubarbs.

* Renteria Ejected.

* The Cubs' Caretaker.

1:38:47: "99 Years Of Cub Losses (99 Jahre Von Bengeln Verlusten) ."

1:35:50: "The Beachwood Sports Museum Of Chicago."

1:38:25: Christina Perri at the House of Blues on Thursday night.

1:39:26: CPS's Magic Furniture, The [Thursday] Papers.

1:42:41: Closing theme.


Previously: The Beachwood Radio Hour #1: Look At A Fucking Map.


See also: Beachwood International with The Angry Aussie on The Beachwood Radio Network.


Comments welcome.


Posted on April 13, 2014

MUSIC - Chief Keef Changed The Industry.
TV - Vizio's Best Product Is You.
POLITICS - UIC: Soda Taxes Work.
SPORTS - More McCaskey Malpractice.

BOOKS - All About Poop.


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