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Should We Pay United Airlines $49,500* To Promote Us On Their Flights?

Dear Steve,

I'm writing on behalf of our Executive Producer, Robert Zickwolff, who would like to invite The Beachwood Reporter to be promoted onboard United Airlines on our Lifestyle 365 in-flight video series.

During the month of June 2014 we present United's passengers a dedicated Spotlight on Chicago that will include the top travel and tourism guides that are of relevance for the visitor's to United's home town this summer.

Join us in June with your story, airing within the LiveTV default channel, the only free onboard programming available to more than 2.1 million United passengers.

The Lifestyle 365 program gives you up to 5 minutes to tell your story in a detailed, non-intrusive way to this captive audience. Every feature we produce captures the essence of what makes your brand unique and memorable. I have bullet pointed some of the immediate benefits you will receive with this campaign below.

  • Overall passenger exposure is approximately 2.1 million passengers (70% of total viewership) on more than 17,000 flights during each month.
  • Video segment will air within the first 60 minutes of programming and then loop continuously on the only free channel, the LiveTV default channel for the duration of the flight.
  • Average United Airlines flight length: 3 hours - On average your video will air three times while in flight.
  • You will receive a report at the end of on-board campaign confirming the number of actual viewers.

  • IMA to provide script writing, voice over, music licensing, post-production, online posting and final fulfillment at no additional cost. On-location filming services available for an additional fee.

  • You will maintain 100% usage rights to the completed video segment to use in any future sales & marketing initiatives.

Rate: 5-minute video, Standard Rate $75,000 - Introductory Rate $49,500 ** I can offer the introductory rate if commitment is made on or before February 21, 2014

Please take a look at attached flyer for more details on the L365 series and the airtime options available through IMA.

Please keep in mind we would be able to repackage the video once completed to air onboard Virgin America and American Airlines (Exclusively in Business/First class) at reduced rates as well.

With more than 15 years of excellence in onboard programming and advertising, we know what works. For samples of previously produced videos, I encourage you to watch a few samples at

Robert will personally call you in a few days to discuss the program in greater detail but if you have any questions or need anything else beforehand please feel free to contact Robert directly at 760-944-6577. We look forward to the possibility of building Your Image in the Sky®.

Warm Regards,



Comments welcome.


Posted on February 12, 2014

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