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Random Food Report: McDonald's Second Only To Body Of Christ

1. That's Why They Are "Mc" Nuggets.

"Scientists took a close look at the chicken nugget and discovered what some may have suspected: it's not full of what we might think of as meat," CBS reports.

"A study published online in September in the American Journal of Medicine - cleverly titled 'The Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets Reads Chicken Little' - revealed that two nuggets from fast food chains in Jackson, Miss. contained only about half of what we would consider chicken meat."

Frankly, we don't care. Chicken McNuggets could be made from fiberglass and styrofoam and we'd still eat 'em - as long as they still tasted so spectacular with fake barbecue dipping sauce. When you eat at McDonald's, you know what you're getting into. The "Mc" is additional notice that what you're eating isn't real, like an alternate version of "ish." Even the hamburgers at McDonald's, we suspect, are merely hamburger-ish. So what. Eating "real" hamburger and chicken already puts you over a line from which there is no return - you are eating the wings, buttocks, breasts and thighs of what were once actual living creatures, for godsakes. Why should it freak anyone out that your nuggets include blood vessels and nerve cells? How could they not?


2. Oh, Burger King.

"Burger King has introduced new french fries that it says have 40 percent less fat and 30 percent fewer calories than fries that are sold by fast-food rival McDonalds," Consumers Digest reports.

"However, if you get a small order of Burger King's Satisfries, you actually will consume more calories, carbohydrates and sodium than you would if you ate a small order of McDonald's fries."

Plus, whatever Burger King does, it will never make fries that taste as good as McDonald's - at least until they figure out which gross part of a chicken they are using.


Fun Fact: It took Burger King longer to develop its new fries than it took the United States to develop the world's first atomic bomb.


3. Even Bennigan's Can't Afford Chicago Anymore.

You know, we kinda hate to say it, but that Bennigan's across from the Art institute was a classic. It just was.


4. Hardee's Stlll Exists, Expanding In Chicago Suburbs.

How they do it:


5. Wait For It.


Re-opens on Wednesday.


Also: Other times when there's been no line at Hot Doug's.


6. About The Kuma's Controversy.

Where'd they get the wafers?


The fact is, anyone can buy the body of Christ.


7. Chicago Has A Wrestling-Themed Restaurant.


8. Kronos Introduces Italian Beef For Restaurateurs Nationwide.


9. Make A Trade At The Chicago Food Swap.


10. Old Chicago Plans A Parking Lot Party.

In Topeka


Comments welcome.


Posted on October 7, 2013

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